25 April, 2018 @ 21:30 – 13 May, 2018 @ 19:00
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Eu Salazar

Eu, tu, ele, nós, vós, eles: Salazar

The lives of men, their ideas, beliefs and convictions are blurred by life and the history of a country; with their successes and failures, with the wars they won or lost, with the freedom they attained or the rights they left behind. The lives of men determined the life of a country, some more than others.


The relationship between who makes the rules and who has to follow them is a complex thing, filled with paradox, concessions and disagreements, some moments of tranquillity and some of agitation. Prolonged authoritarian rule transforms the subjects but also the power they are subjected to, slowly, inexorably, like a long and difficult marriage. What were we and who are we? What have we become?


This show is not a class. It is neither a trial nor a celebration. It is neither a summary nor a funeral, neither a psychoanalytical exercise nor gratuitous provocation. This show is simply a question, or many questions, that came up one after another and thrown to chance. Questions directed to the past and the future. Difficult and uncomfortable questions, asked from the inside out to who ruled and who was subjected to their rule.

Ricardo Vaz Trindade

Cast and Production Team

Director & Dramaturg Ricardo Vaz Trindade
Written by António de Oliveira Salazar, Nuno Camarneiro and Ricardo Vaz Trindade
Cast · Isabel Craveiro, João Santos, Margarida Sousa and Ricardo Vaz Trindade
Collective Creators Isabel Craveiro, Joana Brites, João Santos, João Vladimiro, Luís Reis Torgal, Margarida Sousa, Miguel Bandeira Jerónimo, Nuno Camarneiro, Ricardo Vaz Trindade and Rui Bebiano
Scene and Costume Design Joana Saboeiro
Costume Design for the Character Salazar Filipa Malva
Light Design · Alexandre Mestre
Music · Filipe Raposo
Choreography Ana Figueiredo and Ana Seiça
Graphic Design · Paul Hardman
Photography · Carlos Gomes
Hair · Carlos Gago (Ilídio Design)
Crew Danilo Pinto, Jonathan Azevedo e José Baltazar
Light - Sound - Video Operators Jonathan Azevedo
Seamstress · Joaquim Meira e Fernanda Tomás
Production Director · Isabel Craveiro
Executive Producer · Cátia Oliveira
Technical Director · Jonathan Azevedo
Director (Film Project) João Vladimiro
Scientific Consultants Joana Brites, Luís Reis Torgal, Rui Bebiano and Miguel Bandeira Jerónimo
Teatrão 2018