Educational Services

O Teatrão’s Educational Services establishes a bridge between the various facets of our work. Through the organization and execution of different programs of audience mediation, our goal is to make sure that access to culture becomes a right to all citizens. This fundamental right is built from enrooting cultural habits from an early age and continuing throughout life. Believing in the transformational power of culture, with these programs, we look to develop relationships with schools and the rest of the community so that education and culture can live in the heart of our society.



#1 · Links

This is where the audience and creators can come in contact, developing a relationship between artist and spectator, where the creative process is revealed and the work can be discussed and decoded. This happens through workshops, conversations or visits to the theatre.


#2 · Classes

These are educational projects with continuity, carrying on with regular activity throughout the school year. Designed with artistic practices tied to the community and taught by either resident or guest artists/pedagogues.


#3 · Folders

This is systemized support material created from LINKS or REMOINHOS anchored in the thought production of O Teatrão’s Educational Services and the research the company produces through its projects.


#4 · Explorations

A workshop, walk or guided visit inviting the public to walk through the city exploring everyday urban spaces, inciting other ways of occupying and living in them. These experiences are then used to explore theatrical and performance methods.


#5 · For The Big Kids (The Eldery)

Theatrical projects designed for the senior population that can have a connection to support networks (Nursing homes, Day Centers) or other programs.


#6 · Prós Stôres (For The Teachers)

Short to medium training seminars, directed to teachers and educators, usually of a theoretical-practical nature with the possibility of co-productions with training centers.