O Teatrão is a professional theatre company which exists to provoke thought, as well as challenge and inspire the modern world. They look to intervene in the everyday lives of surrounding communities, contributing to the recognition that art is an essential part of our society. The company offers a large range of permanent programing, guaranteeing diversity, which includes the programing a variety of plays for different audiences, classes for all ages and community intervention. O Teatrão produces shows dipping into the classics as well as exploring and creating original plays, promoting an educational service of excellence and a direct connection to the audience dynamic at the Oficina Municipal do Teatro. They also program shows from contemporary artists, giving special attention to emergent artists and companies.
O Teatrão sets itself apart by being a company of actor-pedagogues, working to share its knowledge of stage arts with the general population. Through artistic creation, in the areas of acting, dramatic writing and directing, combining the experience of creative production with the study of techniques. From beginner levels to advanced classes, the company brings together other arts and national and international contemporary theatrical productions. It has projects on a regional scale, to promote a diversified artistic panoply, geographically directed towards central Portugal, creating a greater potential for the region to take full advantage of the arts. These projects help make the company and its activity more relevant, by maintaining a constant of artistic professionalism in the contemporaneity of the work presented, while solidifying relationships with the communities in the territory.